Jim’s Jerky Review – the background…

Jim’s jerky began when Jim and his wife Cathie came across a small butcher in Charlton Queensland. In 2004 they bought the butcher and begun to make jerky on the side. After five years of production they were able to split (on good terms) from “Temba meats” and focus on Jim’s Jerky becoming an independent business.

About the product range:

Jim’s Jerky offers 9 flavours of jerky online: Original, BBQ, Piri Piri, Chilli, Bloody Hot Chilli, Honey Soy, Teriyaki, Burger and Smokey. In addition to this they also offer 6 flavours of Biltong and 3 varieties of dried sausage.

The Jim’s Jerky brand:

Jim’s branding showcases the longevity of the company, it is apparent that a lot of work has been put into creating a complete design. The packet allows Jim’s country roots to shine through via their logo which resembles a cow brand, to the Australian shaped jerky window, to the smiling country girl approving your purchase.

Review: Jim’s jerky original flavour


The first bite of Jim’s original jerky creates a sweet overtone with Worcestershire humming in the background. Jim's jerky original flavourThe Worcestershire sauce creates a nice base flavour reminiscent of the Sunday roast at your local pub. As you chew the sweetness slowly disappears leaving the seasoned beef flavour to take the stage.


Jim’s Jerky dries their beef more than most, which results in a chewier product. However, they cut their beef against the grain (allowing the jerky to tear easily) and dice their jerky into small bite size pieces. This makes Jim’s Jerky a perfectly convenient snack with no awkwardness of biting into a big chunk of jerky.


“Beef, Sugar, Salt, Beef Booster, Coriander, Vegetable Protein Extract (Maize), Worcestershire sauce, Kwikurit, Brown Vinegar, Spices.”

Jim’s Jerky uses 100% Australian Topside steak

Jim’s is also high protein, gluten-free and low fat.

The product does contain Nitrites (Kwikurit) and added flavours (beef booster) but they still compare quite well to a mass produced jerky.


Jim’s Jerky offers a range of sizes including 85g, 250g, 500g and 1kg.

They start at $12 for an 85g bag. Placing them in the mid-tier value range, cheaper than their small batch competitors and far tastier than the mass produced juggernauts.

Our Recommendation:

Jim’s Jerky fits perfectly at home in rural Queensland offering a slice of country life to anywhere in Australia. It acts as an larger-than-most snack ready to go at any moment. They offer a range of flavours suitable for any pallet.