KOOEE! Starter Pack


Can’t figure out where to start? Try the full KOOEE! range!

Our Starter Pack contains all flavours of our Natural Jerky and Snack Sticks, so the whole family can pick their favourites and enjoy!

Each Starter Pack contains:

  • 4 x 25g Organic Beef Sticks | Sea Salt
  • 4 x 25g Organic Beef Sticks | Spicy
  • 4 x 25g Free Range Pork Sticks | Classic
  • 3 x 30g Organic Beef Jerky | Classic Sea Salt
  • 3 x 30g Organic Beef Jerky | Smoked Chipotle
  • 3 x 30g Organic Beef Jerky | Habanero Chilli


The Lowdown: The Starter Pack is your gateway to find your new favourite snack or to put a bit of variety into the lunchbox.

Why they’re good:
:no_entry_sign: No mystery meat⁠
:no_entry_sign: No artificial ingredients or preservatives⁠
:no_entry_sign: Not loaded with sugar and other fillers⁠

:white_check_mark: Organic, Grass-fed Beef

:white_check_mark: Certified Free-range Pork (Pork Sticks only)

:white_check_mark: Made with only natural ingredients :seedling:

:white_check_mark: High in protein :muscle:

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