Not all beef is the same.

Last year we made the decision to switch our beef supply to 100% Australian organic, grass-fed beef from OBE Organic. Why does this matter? Because we think choosing KOOEE! means more than just what’s in each pack. It’s also about making a choice that’s better for the land too. 💚

KOOEE! uses Organic, Grass-fed Beef from OBE

OBE Organic is a leader in regenerative beef farming in Australia. The certified organic beef is sourced from remote properties in Australia’s interior. The properties’ geographical isolation means that beef is free from contamination from other chemical-intensive farming practices.

What’s the difference?

All organic beef cattle are free to roam and graze on seasonally changing pastures, feeding on over 250 types of native grasses on lands unsuitable for other types of agriculture. 🐮 

Unlike other intensive beef farming methods, organic beef is raised using less energy, less water, and no chemical fertilisers to provide grass, season after season.

Instead, the cattle that roam this land consume the top cover of vegetation (leaving the roots) and provide natural fertiliser. This allows the soil to retain the nutrients usually depleted by traditional farming methods.

What does this mean?

Using organic grass-fed beef in combination with regenerative practices means:

  • Improved soil health 🌿
  • Better water retention 💧
  • Less land erosion 🌳
  • More carbon is captured in the vegetation and soil 🏭

Fortunately, we’re not the only ones to bang on about this in the industry.

Amazing retailers like Harris Farm are leading the charge to educate consumers about the benefits of Regenerative Farming practices. Even global multinationals like General Mills and Pepsico are getting in on the action. 

Want to learn more about Regenerative Agriculture?

Want to learn more about Regenerative Farming? Here’s a recent article by Bloomberg, or we suggest checking out one of the leaders in the field here in Australia, Charlie Arnott. 🙏


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