High Protein Foods: What is protein and why should you eat it?

What is protein?

Protein enters our bodies in high protein foods. It is an essential macronutrient, and found naturally in meats, nuts and legumes. Protein is made up of around 20 amino acids, which act as building blocks to form the protein. The human body has the ability to manufacture most of these amino acids, however 8 essential amino acids must be sourced from food.

Why should we eat it?

Protein is an important part of any diet. After water, protein is the second most common material in the human body, making up around 17% by weight (and it has to get there somehow!).

Protein enables the repair and growth of body tissue, making it especially important for an active lifestyle.

Who is protein for?

10 years ago a “high protein diet” was seen as quite extreme, and something that might be associated with weightlifters or body builders. It followed that many high-protein foods were “performance orientated”, and often branded in a way that wasn’t appealing to many of us.

How times have changed! Fast forward to today, and everyone is looking to get more protein into their diet. There are highly disciplined diets like Atkins and Paleo, but also a big shift from the mainstream who are just looking to get more protein into their diet.

Protein in Jerky:High Protein Foods - Meat is a great source

Jerky is a fantastic natural source of protein. Think of it like a steak that requires no refrigeration, no preparation, and can sit in the bottom of your office drawer until you need it most!

When making jerky it involves drying lean beef to about 40% of its original weight.  This means that in every single 40g bag of KOOEE! jerky you are eating 100g of beef!

KOOEE! jerky is over 50% protein, with 22g in every bag. Compare that against your favourite high protein snack!