Beef Jerky Gift: 3 reasons to choose KOOEE!

KOOEE! is the perfect beef jerky gift. It’s great for the jerky lover, or a perhaps for a friend who should be eating jerky, but is yet to discover just how good it can be! Beef jerky requires no refrigeration, is lightweight and easy to send, and has a shelf life of 6 months. KOOEE! is so versatile that it has even been on science expeditions to Antarctica.

Still not convinced? Here’s three reasons why KOOEE! Grass-Fed Beef Jerky is a great present:


  1. It’s a great product. 

KOOEE! Grass-fed Beef Jerky is both delicious and healthy.kooeesnacks5

We currently have our jerky available in Smoked Chipotle and Sesame Ginger flavours. Both are made at our little factory in Tasmania from 100% Tasmanian grass-fed beef. We have a great team at KOOEE! and we take pride in making the highest quality products.

It tastes so good that it is easy to forget that our jerky is also a healthy snack.

  • It is high in protein, with at least 14 grams of protein per pack
  • It’s gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free – in fact, we are the only jerky endorsed by Coeliac Australia
  • KOOEE! is also paleo-friendly, and suitable for those following the Keto or FODMAP diets
  • Unlike most other jerky products you will find, ours has no added sugar
  • KOOEE! is also free from preservatives, MSG and other bad stuff

We call our products “all natural”, and we mean it!

2. KOOEE! is surprisingly pretty to look at

We hate to always be tooting our own horn, but we’ve spent so much time on our packaging that we can’t help but share the details. Each flavour has packaging inspired by a different National Park in Tasmania. Each “10 pack” of jerky comes in a beautiful display box, complete with a panoramic Tasmanian scene that wraps around the perimeter.

Without any wrapping at all, our display boxes certainly look like gifts, and have proven to be popular at the Tasmanian farmers’ markets just before Christmas.

Kooee makes the perfect beef jerky gift


  1. “Healthy jerky” is a great talking point

What is jerky? When do you eat it? How is it made? All good gifts have interesting stories, and our product is no exception. It’s very novel to receive a jerky that has been made with care, and because our shelf life is 6 months, it’s a gift that will last well (if the box is well hidden!).

See our blog post about how KOOEE! jerky is so healthy!

How to choose the right flavour

Our flavours cater to everyone’s taste. With our two current flavours it’s very simple to choose the perfect beef jerky gift:

  • Fan of spicy food? The smoked chipotle is the perfect healthy jerky with a subtle hit of heat to satisfy any spice fan.
  • Love a mild approach? The Sesame Ginger flavour is perfect for those with a more sensitive palate.

Still unsure? Simple – buy a box of each and receive free shipping to anywhere in Australia. Also – mention that it’s a gift during checkout and we’ll try to throw in some KOOEE! merchandise for your efforts!