Our brand new twiggy sticks made national news!

If you happened to have turned on Channel 7 News last month, you might have seen our brand new KOOEE! Sticks make an appearance on Channel 7 News!

Here’s the full story

I had a last-minute opportunity to briefly chat about KOOEE! Sticks with 7NEWS reporter Samantha Brett, who was putting together a story about healthy lunchbox snacks for kids.

Although we only found out about the potential interview the day before, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to share our new twiggy sticks to a wider (read: NATIONAL) audience! And with a marketing budget of approximately $0 per year – this was even more amazing as it was free!

The only issue was the interview was Tuesday morning – and I was also looking after my 3-year old daughter Tuesday morning (as she wasn’t yet back at school due to COVID-19). How could I do both?

Fortunately, I had channelled the Old El Paso girl and remembered that my daughter is arguably our biggest twiggy stick fan – so why not do both?

Article heading image for The 'Why Don't We Have Both' Girl Is STUNNING These Days

So although super shy, she’d easily jump in front of a camera with me for a twiggy stick! 🙂

The whole thing ended up being a breeze – Samantha asked a bunch of questions about KOOEE! and lunchbox snacks, but the real STAR of the show was my daughter, who did about 50 takes running around, picking up handfuls of KOOEE! Sticks, and eating as many twiggy sticks as she could. What a natural!

We were told later in the day that they’d put together some footage and we’d be on both the 4pm and 6pm news that night! Also featured was Bondi-based child nutrition expert Mandy Sacher in the story.

Watch the video from 7NEWS here:

Moral of the story: healthy twiggy sticks are here to stay!

(And yes, I know they spelled my name wrong, and yes, that’s a horrible Youtube still of yours truly above!) 🙂

Want to know the full story about why we decided to make a healthy twiggy stick? Read more here.

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