Introducing Australia’s first Natural Chicken Jerky, made with 100% Organic, Free Range Chicken.

We’re really cluckin’ excited to announce our latest new product: KOOEE! Natural Chicken Jerky. 🐔

Our Natural Chicken Jerky is made with Australia’s best chicken. We only use 100% Organic, free range chicken from Inglewood Farms, a family-owned business and easily farmers of Australia’s best, ethically-raised chicken.

KOOEE! Chicken Jerky is lightly seasoned in a marinade of Organic Coconut Aminos, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Honey and Sea Salt. You’ll find that our Chicken Jerky is as morish as snacks come. In fact, it’s the new favourite amongst the KOOEE! team and our families!

KOOEE! Natural Chicken Jerky is perfect for your gym bag, school lunchbox – or stashed in the back of the pantry where the rest of the family can’t find it! 🤫

Additionally, our Chicken Jerky is also:
✅ Gluten-free
✅ Dairy-free
✅ Soy-free
✅ Contains No MSG, No GMOs and Nothing Artificial
✅ Made with only REAL ingredients you can TRUST.

One word of warning: once opened, a pack doesn’t last long!

Why did we decide to make a Chicken Jerky?

We thought that it was strange that no natural Chicken Jerky existed in Australia, even though chicken is Australia’s #1 favourite meat protein. We had personally tasted countless delicious poultry-based jerky products over in the US and UK (where turkey and chicken jerky products abound), and loved them.

Source: The Conversation, “Three Charts on Australia’s declining taste for beef and growing appetite for chicken”, 2017

In Australia, despite the growing popularity of beef jerky, there were few alternatives if you weren’t a big red meat eater. In fact, out of the 14 jerky/biltong options currently at Woolworths, only one (a plant-based jerky) was not made with beef.

Since no chicken jerky existed in Australia, we decided to make it our mission to make the best (and first!) Natural Chicken Jerky in Australia. This is despite Australia being home to the world’s best tasting, ethically-ranged chicken!

We also wanted to create a product that didn’t have the hyper-masculine, traditional branding that most other brands use, but something that both men & women can pick up and love.

Where can I buy KOOEE! Natural Chicken Jerky?

As well as shopping online via our shop, our Natural Chicken Jerky has also just launched in most Victorian & Tasmanian Woolworths stores, with more stores around the country coming soon.

Want to see KOOEE! at a store near you? Let us know!

Hungry? Check out our Natural Chicken Jerky now.

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