Hobart Farmers Market – A Great place to buy KOOEE!

Hobart CBD is a special place. It is a vibrant city well known for “Mount Wellington”, an often snow capped mountain that watches over the city.

Each Sunday the CBD transforms into a foodies heaven. The farm gate market offers locals and tourists the chance to taste the whole of Tasmania all in one convenient place. Everything can be found from fresh fruit and vegetables, meat straight from the butcher, gourmet meals and of course KOOEE! Jerky.

The History of Farm Gate Market – Hobart

Farm Gate Market began five years ago, the creators saw a need for authentic produce to be available in a city location. They live by the ethos “If you can’t eat it, drink it, grow it or meet the produce then it wouldn’t be at the farm gate market”. Fast forward to now and they have stuck by this rule through and through. Giving tourists and locals an authentic farmers market experience.

The market now acts as a ritual for many locals who walk to the markets each week to do their shopping and pick up some special treats on the way!

The Hobart Farmers Market begins

The stallholders arrive before sunrise and fill the streets with trestle tables and produce.

Similar to the Launceston Harvest Market, coffee must come first! After coffee the stallholders can’t help but to test each others wares

At 8:30am a bell signals the start of the Farmers Market, by this time the air is filled with delicious smelling breakfast options. Many producers have pulled an all-night shift in an attempt to create enough produce to last them the day.

The Hobart Farmers Market acts as an excellent testing ground for many small businesses. From seeing if a product is in demand, to trialing the next big thing!Hobart Farmers Market

KOOEE! Gets involved

KOOEE! Makes the journey from our humble Launceston factory to the Hobart CBD once a month.

Keep an eye out on our facebook page where we announce our attendance. 

The Farm Gate Market in Hobart is a great place for KOOEE! We love to showcase new trial flavours and get direct feedback from our loyal customers.

When we’re not talking shop we can be heard trading adventure stories, giving home-made jerky advice or giving tourism tips to visitors.

Getting there

The Hobart Farmers Market is conveniently located in the CBD. It is found on Bathurst street between Murray and Elizabeth street.

Free parking (on sundays) can be found all around the market.