KOOEE! Snacks – Interview with Elena Biancardi

Question #1 – Can you tell us about yourself – what you do, a bit about your story, etc.?

I’m originally from Torino, and the Alps were my backyard growing up. So since I was a kid, I have always had some hiking-related holidays. However, I never did any overnight hikes until I moved to Australia 10 years ago. I always lived in Sydney, but in September 2021 I bought a 4WD, set up a bed inside, and started traveling around Australia. I’m a digital marketer so I’m lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere, I just need a good connection.

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Question #2 – What are you trying to achieve and say with your project – @Hiking_Hacks?

I could spot the gender gap in any outdoor shop, full of man gear and clothes. Today, it’s getting better and as a woman we have more options, so hopefully it will get better and better. Through all my years spent outdoors, I’ve learned a lot from people more experienced than me and this is something I would forever be grateful for. So now I just want to give it back to others.

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Question #3 – Why did you start Hiking Hacks?

The account was born during the pandemic. As I was trying to keep myself busy and I thought I started to share my knowledge and my experiences on hiking on social media to reach other adventurous women and eventually to inspire others to go on their own adventure. Since I was a kid I’ve always felt society didn’t encourage me enough to pursue adventures like they did with my brother or any other boy.

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Question #4 – What’s your daily routine like and what are some Hiking Hacks you can share?

I do not have a routine and that’s what I like about my life. Every day is different and I don’t get bored. I know it’s not for everyone and it can cause stress to some people. I work on daily, mostly and yearly TO DO LISTS on notes and I use them to get tasks done day by day!

Question #5 – What are your Top 3 Hikes in Australia? What did you love about them?

  • Unnamed waterfall, QLD. A few years ago, I was hiking in FNQ bush bashing around an area full of waterfalls. After 5 hours of bush bashing, I reached a fantastic untouched and unnamed waterfall surrounded by lush rainforest. At that moment, I felt like a real explorer and adventurer, as I think only a few people have been there before me.
  • Bibbulmun track, WA. It was very different, I knew a lot about the track and still it challenged me in many ways, and that’s probably why I loved it so much. It was my first long walk, and I had so much fun planning, cooking and studying the track. It was one of the most significant challenges I have ever faced. Physically and mentally. And being surrounded by breathtaking coastal views and majestic forests just made it a hike I will never forget.
  • Walls of Jerousalem, TAS. Let’s say I have a soft spot for Tassie. As I loved every single hike I walked there. Probably because the mountains remind me of Italy. I loved the walls of Jerousalem because it took me through areas less visited, so you can find privacy and stunning views. At the same time. It’s also full of side hikes you can add to the main track so plenty of options for a shorter or longer hike.

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Question #6 – What’s the best thing you do for your personal health everyday?

I do follow a healthy lifestyle, meaning I always try to eat healthy (cooking and eating lots of nutritious and organic food), not dining out more than once a week and exercising daily. I also spend lots of time outdoors which I think is the best way to take care of yourself.

Question #7 – What is your favourite KOOEE! Snacks Product?

The Smoked Chipotle KOOEE Jerky is my fav!

Elena's Favourite Jerky - KOOEE! Smoked Chipotle

Question #8 – How does KOOEE! Snacks fuel your lifestyle?

I take KOOEE! Natural Snacks on my hikes to make sure I eat enough proteins during my hikes. Especially during the long ones like the Bibbulmun track (1000km from Albany to Perth) it is essential to plan the right amount of proteins intake

KOOEE! Hiking Recipe: Moroccan Style CousCous⁠

Elena’s Conclusion:

Be adventure smart and remember the 5Ps mindset: Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performances! Hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy nature but can also be very dangerous if not taken seriously, so tell your loved ones your intended route and try to stick to it. If your phone doesn’t have reception, always carry a Personal locator, and always bring enough water, some snacks and an emergency blanket. Once you have your backpack ready, just take the first step, and if you are anything like me probably, you’ll never stop…

Elena Biancardi Interview - @Hiking Hacks

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