KOOEE! Sponsors Freycinet Challenge – The Australian Multisport Championship

KOOEE! is supporting the Freycinet Challenge in 2017, and we’d love to see you there.

The Freycinet Peninsula [“Frey-sa-nay”] is our favourite place.

It’s the jewel in the crown of Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast. The town of Coles Bay nestles in against the spectacular “Hazards”, an imposing granite mountain range that separates the town from Wineglass Bay, which is well inside the Freycinet National Park. If you think Wineglass Bay is “arguably” Australia’s best beach, have a look at this:

Australia’s best beach. Probably the world’s best beach.

Argument over – it is Australia’s best beach, and if the wilderness isn’t enough to keep you amused there’s also seafood, vineyards, native animals, and the Freycinet Challenge.

Freycinet Challenge – Australian Multisport Championship

Since 1999, athletes have gathered annually in Coles Bay to compete in the Australian Multisport Championship, the “Freycinet Challenge”. Over two days, they’re tested in kayaking, mountain biking, trail running, and road cycling. All are welcome to participate, and each year hundreds enjoy the opportunity. You can enter as an individual or as part of a team, and the legs are:

  • Saturday
    • 16k trail run
    • 10k kayak
    • 40k road bike
    • 20k MTB
  • Sunday
    • 10k kayak
    • 40k Road Bike
    • 20k MTB
    • 9.5k trail run

This year the Freycinet Challenge is being organised by the 4Adventure Team – Rowena Fry, Ben Mather, Louise Padgett, and Mark Padgett (see photo below). As individuals, they have some serious sporting pedigree. The 4 of them together have more horsepower than a small car.

More horsepower than a small car…

We’re happy to report that they’re equally talented at event organisation, so KOOEE! is delighted to come on board as a Gold Sponsor. We’re looking forward to a fun weekend for all participants, volunteers, and spectators. Trust us that you’ll be well fed, and our friends from Moo Brew will also be attending to ensure optimum hydration in the evenings.

At the event you will see elite athletes lining up next to recreational weekend warriors, and, in 2017, there’s also going to be a cuddly journeyman trying to get through the weekend with his dignity intact – yours truly. Training starts this week. Stay turned.

Sunset photo of the Hazards from near the event HQ in Coles Bay

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